Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yard Journal

With a totally exceptional May (well and barely a winter really) I have already spent a ton of time outdoors trying my best to maintain and revamp some gardens and yard elements.  Sometimes (well most times) my outdoor time seems to be based on a particular set of reasons to be outside that don't really pertain to yard work.  This week I spent an entire afternoon outside washing windows and hoeing gardens in a sundress just in attempt to fetch a tan :-P  Then there is also the element of exercise- seems like if I am going to be doing something physical, it helps to see some progress via a cleared garden or perfect lawn.  And mostly "Ryan" he is quite the active little monster.  Seems like outside he is less of a nuisance.  He can find his own joy in something outside and make his way into a pretend world of "work" which buys me some time to do some real work.  It's nice having an area that he is totally contained and yet "free" 

So for May long (the rule of planting around these parts) I managed to get most of my garden centre buys in the ground with time to make use of the typical May long rains.  It was quite a fun evening.

I purchased some new strawberry plants to mix with the old. These were left overs from a small patch the returns every year. PROBLEM- they never make strawberries.  Sometimes there is the slight promise at the very beginning of summer that they may flower and make some berries, but since I have lived here - NADA!   I turned what ever soil I could and mixed peat moss and planted some newbies to the patch.  With any luck and lots of water we may have a berry or two?  Admittedly I have never goggled what may work better for these fruitless plants.  

My 2012 Garden Center splurge- completely unnecessary - a 35 dollar ceramic toad stool! Ha!!  Something about it just caught my eye- silly, but looks good in the ground cover :)  I must be getting old

This year instead of veggies that take a bit more maintenance that I eventually led slide in the height of the summer wedding season, I stuck with just a few plants- tomatoes cause they are guaranteed - some peppers and Ryan picked lettuce which seemed easy enough.  I have most things planted in 3 garden boxes- the rabbits around here seem a little more than usual, so I am keeping things up off the ground. 

My "helper" we are working on his "smile" 

I picked up a couple of these fake wasp nests at the dollarama.  It's been a little chilly and windy so it's hard to say for sure but I think that they may just do the trick since I haven't seen a wasp around since.  

This is the typical Ryan "smile" yes- he thinks this is a smile.   He is loving the rain barrel which has caused us to "fight" a couple times already.  But he is taking a watering iniative- and if he doesn't drown the poor plants in the process- it will be all good.

Can't wait to see everything grow. :)

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lunarbovine said...

Non-expert advice regarding your strawberries - you may not have had enough gene diversity around for the flowers to produce fruit. Most plants won't self-pollenate. The way strawberries spread (quickly!) your entire patch may be relatives of one original plant.
Adding a couple of new strawberry plants nearby will spice up their love lives and you should get lots of fruit.

Also, love the marigolds in the boots. :) Very cut!