Friday, May 18, 2012

Plenty of fish Friday

So as a promise to some friends and after chatting candidly about how murky these dating site waters were, I vowed to take some time to just "showcase" only a profiles from the men that send messages to my unattended account every week. After toying with what could be an absolute horrifying and hilarious post showcasing how people look I decided that this Chickie is much too classy to post photos of  these guys- but can send y'all them privately if you like (you know who I am talking to)  

I remember joining this site with the intention of meeting someone who was a right fit.  Good god.  Although I think it must be a possibility, it's too much work for me- and yikes- there are lifeforms on here not fit for anyone

IF YOU CAN'T READ THE PICTURE- CLICK ON IT.  Can you tell why I might have given up :)

This week in Plenty of Fish land 

This one is 52- won't say if he drinks but answers that he socially does drugs.  He also asks for someone who enjoys sex and wants to feel wanted.  But what I love is his first date criteria - NEXT

This guy wants a woman that doesn't CHEAT OR LIE in big bold capital letters- guess we know how his last relationship ended :)  He also asks to not judge a book by it's cover.  It's a good thing I didn't post a picture :)

 Not sure who this next guy thinks he's impressing with his bad grammar, spelling and fancy promises but what I am positive of is "he's not a little boy who would beat me or cheat on me or treat me like crap"  lol.  But he's a self made millionaire it seems so I better jump on this one :)

This guy might have been the "best guy yet" But considering the age difference I wonder if his dad is single and looking? 

This guy "wanna" meet me and look into my eyes :)

Omg- this guy is dreaming- no comment :) 

Next :)

And last but certainly not least- well at least he's got a car :S 

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Too Funny!!!!