Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hellllllooooo Summer

After the mildest winter I can remember, seems like summer is here and early to boot.  You know what I LOVE.... cancelled sessions.  I spent the day in the yards, turning over every garden and even managed the time to mow the lawn (my absolute favorite summer chore).  I dusted off the garden ornaments (cornucopias of dollar store junk)  and hung up the wind chimes.   I absolutely love it.  And when I log off of here, I'm out to the back deck to have a latte and watch Ryan pretend to so all the yard work I just did today.  I even had time to snap a couple pics and my the nights end I should be all caught up on editing and orders :) ahhhhhhh

I realize this is the calm before the shit storm known as wedding season.  But I'm gonna breathe it all in.  Hello Summer :) 


Chris said...

It's turned into a great week for yard work, hasn't it? I got some weeding done today, and the lawn could use another mowing already.

Bring on the sun!

(Want to take a few of my work shifts while I head to the park?) :)

~Kristina said...

That welcome cow is too cute.