Friday, April 20, 2012

wow!  September 2010 was the last time I posted here.  Last night I was once again made aware of how this blog just stopped.  Somewhere in between the trials of running a full time business, Ryan and trying to maintain 2 business related blogs this one just got the shaft. 
BUT LETS FACE IT, FACEBOOK HAS KILLED THE PERSONAL BLOG for many with an online journal- I am just one more casualty.  UNTIL NOW!  HA!  And imagine it only took me about 45 minutes to try a million old passwords- reset this account- reactivate an ancient email address- and finally sweet busy blog success!

So what is new here- since 2010, lots is the same but much is very different as well.  So many things to elaborate on- posts for other days.  Lets start with all the majors- 

Ryan- getting big hey!?   A regular little boy- he's all trucks and tools (with a little bit of mops and brooms)  He is a total go getter- workaholic at 3 years old.  If I shovel snow for an hour- he shovels for that entire duration (never waivers from the task) He wants to know the process in every job we do.  Better yet he wants to do the job right.
But he is a handful- very busy- sometimes rough.  He stays up late (realllllly late).  Rarely sleeps in past 9:30 and hasn't napped since he was about 18 months old.  Oh and he always seems to be sporting a crooked haircut. 

Hailey- somewhere between a mix of pre- teenage angst with immature emotions :S  Yay me :/   On the bright side, she LOVES school this year (and 5-8 french immersion middle school) which bestowed her a locker and a bunch of friends (south end kids linked by their ipods).  She likes everything "I" and if I wanted to post a photo of her that she would approve of, I'd have to fetch it from the ipad (which I would love to add that I was not the purchaser of such a age inappropriate device- that was her dad!)

The Dad- after 17 or so up and down years, we called it quits almost 1 year ago.  I'm sure there might be the odd post about my journey through they days as a single parent but when you handle ALL OF THE RESPONSIBILITIES on your own through those 17 years, it doesn't seem to throw much of a difference in your face.  I can't promise I wont have the odd post about just how foolish someone like him can be- AND THAT'S REALLY REALLY FOOLISH. :S

Our Beloved Granny Fran- sadly she passed away this January- while resting in her chair.  This is the first spring in many years that we haven't made it out to the west coast.  Some days I find it really hard in my thoughts to think she is gone.  So much wisdom and so many stories she left behind.  Some people are just soooo good.  

My Pictures- Still swinging a camera for a living. That is going great   Sadly, almost all of my personal photos are some awful representation on an iphone.  Never sharp enough. But there.

My Business- Busier than ever.  Better than I ever could have imagined.  One of the chief reasons that I am able to solely support myself and my kids is because of this industry. I am fortunate! 

We had an afternoon fire today that barely took- enough flame on some tree branches to roast a couple marshmallows and hang outside.  I thought it might be fun to take an actual camera outside like the good old days (only it's slim pickings for photos in spring before the grass is green and the gardens are blooming)

Anyways, this post in combo with an early morning is literally putting me to sleep in my computer chair.  Comeback again soon :)

Yours Truly
Very Busy Lady :)

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Lindsay said...

Yay Carrie!! I love the post!! :-)